Friday, January 23, 2009

Australian Cattle Dog

General Appearance
The general appearance is that of a strong compact, symmetrically built working dog, with the ability and willingness to carry out his allotted task however arduous. Its combination of substance, power, balance and hard muscular condition must convey the impression of great agility, strength and endurance.

As the name implies the dog's prime function, and one in which he has no peer, is the control and movement of cattle in both wide open and confined areas. Always alert, extremely intelligent, watchful, courageous and trustworthy, with an implicit devotion to duty making it an ideal dog.

Australian Cattle Dogs are sturdy, alert, and watchful. The Australian Cattle Dog was originally bred to work cattle in the rough inland terrain of Australia. The coat is easy to care for, a good bathing and brushing will keep the coat clean and healthy. Bred to herd all day, Australian Cattle Dogs have a lot of energy. Australian Cattle Dog's love their owners and especially love to play with children.

The Cattle Dog's loyalty and protective instincts make it a self-appointed guardian to the Stockman, his herd and his property. Whilst naturally suspicious of strangers, must be amenable to handling.

Did You Know
Date entered into Regular Classes: September 1, 1980. In the show ring, they are called the "wash and wear" dog as the only grooming required is a bath and a good brushing to keep the coat clean and healthy. The Australian Cattle Dog is sometimes known as the Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Queensland Blue Heeler, and was originally known as the Australian Heeler. The Australian Cattle Dog became eligible to be shown in the Working Group as of September 1, 1980. It was transferred to the Herding Group when that was formed, effective January 1, 1983.

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